WhozURdoggie Pet Photography is the full time passion and pursuit for Shelley Godfrey who, after twenty years of photography experience in advertising and fashion, decided to devote her skills to one of her main loves – pets!

Shelley grew up on a farm where she developed a deep appreciation for animals. In her adult life, Shelley spent her free time capturing the personalities of her many dogs on film. For the last nine years, her primary subjects and inspiration have been her two pugs, Wonton and Foo, and most recently, her boxer, Coltrane.

Shelley operates WhozURdoggie Pet Photography out of her studio in Austin, Texas. Her deft touch with animals and the camera produces simple, elegant portraits which convey the personalities and emotions of your beloved pet. After the photo session Shelley spends significant time selecting, editing, and producing the perfect picture.

 No detail is overlooked, and WhozURdoggie strives for absolute quality, customer satisfaction, and lasting imagery.

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