Best Pet Photographer In Austin
by julesup

Shelley was really amazing and so patient with our little Bella. Bella is deaf and partially blind in one eye so patience is a must! Shelley spent well over 2 hours working with her to make sure she got the perfect shots. We also appreciated how much love Shelley showed Bella - giving her kisses and hugs and making her (and us!) feel right at home. The photos from the shoot are absolutely precious. I love all of them and I think they are an amazingly perfect reflection of Bella and her personality. I would absolutely recommend Shelley and WhozUrDoggie to anyone. Her photos are so exquisite; they can easily be used as artwork.

Amazing Pet Photographer!
by lauralossen

It was really important to have our jack russell terrier photographed since she had cancer. Shelley took the most amazing photos of Berkley. She was really able to capture her personality. We have some really fun poses where she is dressed up in furry jackets and some very touching shots of Berkley's big brown eyes. In those pictures my husband and i feel we can see right into her soul. The shoot was very fun! Shelley has such positive energy and I jumped in a few of the shots. She made me feel totally at ease and i must admit even like a model. It was a very fun moment that I will always treasure. We lost Berkley about a month later. I have 6 large photos of Berkley hanging over our sons crib. It was the sweetest way to honor such an important friend and decorate the nursery.

by cyn reed

Shelley is simply THE BEST! She got the most amazing shots of my kids - George and Gracie. I have to note that Gracie is a tad...hmmmm.... "off". OK - she's just weird and skittish about the oddest little things (no rhyme or reason), but Shelley had her from the get go! Gracie was more than calm, she was excited and had fun!! George, well he's perfect (sorry Gracie). A 15y.o. lab that goes at his own pace and does whatever he wants. Even that old boy was rolling around on the floor and having a good time! THANK YOU SHELLEY!!! You have given me memories I will always cherish!!!

Fabulous Pet Photographer!

by Rita S. For anyone that has a pet who is part of your family, Shelley can help you capture the personality of your furry friend forever in priceless photos. She truly has a gift for making your pet love the camera. I've taken so many pictures of my adorable doggie, but none come even close to the shots that Shelley was able to produce. She was so patient with both of us in her comfortable studio, and the results were better than I could have hoped for. The only problem was choosing which pictures to purchase - so many great ones! I highly recommend Shelley and WhozUrDoggie!

Aw buddy!
by A.Gillespie

Fleetwood and I so enjoyed our afternoon with Shelley -- she's such a pro and was able to capture the uncapturable, i.e. my dog, that moves 10,000,000 miles and hour and never sits still. He's like freaking bigfoot -- you just can't capture the guy...Unless you're WhozURdoggie! We will treasure forever!

by Marcy H.

I had Shelley take pics of my two little doggies, Tia and Jelly Bean two years ago, and I am so glad I did. Tia has since passed on, and the pics Shelley took captured her sweet playful self so well those memories will never fade. Shelley's understanding and affection for animals comes through in the photos, and all are crisp and clean so your pet really shines! Thanks from the bottom of mine and Jelly Bean's hearts!

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